Welcome to the official website of CEVMA, the Christian European Visual Media Association.

CEVMA is a community of committed Christians in film, television, graphic arts and new media from all across Europe, sharing experiences and encouraging one another. Some of the people involved in CEVMA work strictly in the secular world as writers, producers, directors, cameramen, web designers, composers, set designers, actors, photographers, etc., others are serving in the religious field. CEVMA is also very open to welcoming students!

CEVMA was founded in 1981 by Christian media professionals. Since then CEVMA has held annual conferences – each mid-September, and in a different European country – to exchange thoughts, ideas and to sharpen the Christian vision for media. Although CEVMA is Europe-based it often welcomes people from North America, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Africa at the conferences.

Mission statement

CEVMA sees it as its mission to bring together a body of committed Christians from across Europe actively involved in the visual media; networking, teaching and encouraging each other, to be more like Christ and to communicate Him effectively.

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