The next CEVMA Conference will be held from 5-9 September 2018 in Burbach, Germany. The conference is an invaluable opportunity for Christians in visual media to meet, network, share ideas, projects and challenges and get spiritually refreshed.

The theme for CEVMA 2018 is ‘Making The Connection’

Most of us know only too well the frustration, even panic, when a piece of vital equipment fails during a shoot. You are half way round the world in the middle of the rain forest, no back-up and the audio starts crackling, the viewfinder fails, the camera looses power . . . and your heart starts thumping. And yes – I’m speaking from experience! What do you do? Two things: you start praying and you check your connections. All it takes is one dirty (engineer speak for ‘poor’) connection to bring a shoot grinding to a halt.

It’s also true of life isn’t it? We depend upon ‘connections’ for almost everything, and when they fail, our world can fall apart. Take the business world for example. Successful businesses have one thing in common – they excel in the quality of their connections, with their staff, their suppliers, their customers.

But nowhere are our connections more important than in our relationships with one another. Whether you are part of a production team, a church fellowship, or a marriage – they are vital. But above all there is the one supreme ‘connection’, without which life loses its meaning and falls apart – our connection with our Maker and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. And just like those mechanical and electrical connections which require regular maintenance, so our connection with Jesus needs to be regularly maintained. In a sense the quality of our ‘connection’ with Jesus determines the quality of our connections in every other area of our lives.

And it’s here, that perhaps we each face our greatest battle: the making and maintaining of that life giving, grace providing, creative energy giving relationship with Christ in a world that is doing its best to destroy it. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s all about the ‘pull of the world’ the apostle John writes about in his first letter. It can also be about our service for God, our projects for Him, which can tug at us like a terrier dog, demanding our immediate attention, keeping us awake through the night, and robbing us of that inner connection with the One who is the source of everything we need.

If any of this sounds familiar – then this year’s theme for CEVMA is for you! Our Bible speaker will be helping us make, keep and maintain that most important connection of all. And if this doesn’t click with you – let me encourage you to come anyway because CEVMA is an event where new, fruitful and lasting connections are often made, as many in our CEVMA ‘family’ can testify.


Conference Venue: Conference Center Karimu

The Karimu conference center is situated in the beautiful southern part of Siegerland, conveniently close to the motorway A45. Within walking distance, in the adjacent village of Holzhausen, you can find a bank branch and a small supermarket. In addition, there are some recreational facilities at your disposal, some of which we would like to introduce here.

The Karimu center features various conference rooms, designed for flexible usage.
You may choose from a range of smaller rooms or select our main conference hall that will accommodate up to 190 persons.

The academic library collection contains more than 4,600 books, 100 journals and 1,500 reprints. Subjects covered include Linguistics, Literacy, Second Language Acquisition, Ethnology, Intercultural Communication, Teamwork, Missiology, Theology, Religions, Biblical Exegesis and Translation.

The Conference Center offers 150 beds in various categories. The superior rooms are equipped with writing desk, seating, TV, telephone, free WiFi access, shower bath, hairdryer, bed linen and towels. The single beds can be moved to form a double bed. The budget rooms are equipped with writing desk, seating, telephone, free WiFi access, bed linen and towels. Showers and toilets are available along the corridor.


Conference Address

Conference Center Kamiru
Siegenweg 34
57299 Burbach

Travel Instructions

By Air

The closest airports to Burbach are (in this order:) Frankfurt (FRA), Cologne/Bonn (CGN) and Düsseldorf (DUS). Do not fly into Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN), however; it is very hard to get to and from.

By Train

Plan to travel to Haiger Bahnhof (train station). From there a special 10 min. CEVMA shuttle van will bring you to the Karimu conference center. (Note: For ‘local’ travelers without much baggage, there is also a small village train station, ‘Holzhausen (Kr. Siegen)’, from which it is a 450 m / 5 min. walk through the village to reach the Karimu/Wycliff Centre. The train from Haiger to Burbach-Holzhausen takes 13 min.)

There are hourly train services from the above airports to Haiger from early morning till mid-evening. Travel times and 1-way fares are as follows:

Frankfurt to Haiger
Travel time: 1:44 hrs
Cost: €15.80
Last train departs: 21:02 (9:16 p.m.)

Cologne/Bonn to Haiger
Travel time: 1:55 hrs
Cost: €27.50
Last train departs: 20:16 (8:16 p.m.)

Düsseldorf to Haiger
Travel time: 2:39 hrs
Cost: €34.60
Last train departs: 20:32 (8:32 p.m.)

Note: More detailed ground travel instructions and schedules for our international participants arriving by plane will be sent out via email 2-3 weeks before the conference.

By Car
The address for your navigation app is:
Wycliff e.V.
Siegenweg 32
57299 Burbach-Holzhausen

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