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2021 Jewel Awards

Drama over €50,000

sabina tortured for christ nazi years.jpg


Sabina - Tortured for Christ, The Nazi Years

Director: John Grooters

Sabina: Tortured for Christ, the Nazi Years is the story of how God’s love transformed an ambitious, worldly atheist into one of the greatest Christian women of the 20th century. The film opens with Sabina Wurmbrand risking her life to show Christ’s love to three Nazi soldiers.


Why would a Christian from a Jewish background risk her life to help her enemies — members of the army that killed her entire family? Experience a true story of biblical love and forgiveness that has inspired millions around the world.

Drama under €50,000

pastors wife 2022.png


Pastor's Wife

Director: Silvano Griffith Francis    

Pastor's Wife is a film about what forces someone to do the unthinkable and the journey of making your way back from the unimaginable.Monique has always struggled in her role as pastor's wife. Her husband, Martin, is extremely committed to the church and serving his congregants, often to detriment of his family.


When her feelings of insecurity and neglect reach a climax, Monique responds in a manner that will change the course of life as she knows it.

Documentary/Docudrama over €50,000

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Lost Legacy Reclaimed

Director: Denise Godwin 

Lost Legacy Reclaimed is an eight-part docudrama series from the first five centuries after Christ walked the earth. The stories of Cyprian, Tertullian, Perpetua–among others–are incredible reminders of Christian roots in North Africa. These powerful faith-based stories are to bring the message of hope throughout North Africa and interest is being shown in many more places.

Each story is 30-minutes long and tells about real people and the challenges they faced from the Roman government of the time. It’s about people whose influence on Christianity is still seen today! The believers of this time set a high standard, sacrificing for Jesus Christ under persecution as the Roman empire fell apart.  This all took place in North Africa! Often Islamic societies give the impression to their people that everyone there has always been Muslim, and within their religious rules they cannot convert. It’s not possible. These faith stories are lost to the local culture. We must tell them or they won’t hear how far God’s love will go.

Documentary/Docudrama under €50,000

a grain of wheat in flames poster.png


A Grain of Wheat in Flames

Director: Lee Hyoung-Joon

A Grain of Wheat in Flames is the story of Chun Tae-il, who self-immolated in protest of working conditions in Korean factories, and the righteous people who committed to improve labor environment and human rights in South korea.

Religious people, intellectuals, including college students, honored the memory of the deceased, who was a Christian. And they participated in the labor ground to talk to workers and unite for them. After the incident, the reality of labor in Korea has undergone drastic changes. His sacrifice destroyed the dictatorship, democratized it, and improved workers' rights. It is a miracle made by a grain of wheat named Chun Tae-il.


Little worship company.jpg


The Little Worship Company

Director: Jolie Greenwood

Hal, Mr and Mrs Looyahpresent this Bible and worship-based series for children up to 7 years old. Each beautifully created episode explores themes such as how we are precious and loved by our Heavenly Father, the fantastic promises of God.


Look Up Ateteia stories of hope.jpg


Look Up: Stories of Hope

Director: Anna Raisa Favale

The new video series, scheduled to debut on November 29, tells the true stories of 18 men and women whose lives were unexpectedly turned upside-down. But through great faith they took the reins and turned their lives around. These are stories of hope and of light—the light that shined through these people’s lives and can illuminate our own lives and those around us.

Aleteia interviewed people throughout the world to tell their inspiring stories of hope: Jen, a victim of child sex trafficking; Dan, who passed through the darkness of losing a child; Tom, a firefighter during September 11; Alex, who at the age of 8 “changed the world”; Doug, who went from being homeless to being a country music idol—and  many others.

Student/First Timer

searching for joe.png


Searching for Joe

Steven Smalley
Director: Steven Smalley

When I was just sixteen months old, something happened that would impact me for the rest of my life: My dad, Joe Smalley, passed away. I grew up thinking it's the most normal thing in the World to not have a dad. Thanks to my Mom, who did an amazing job raising me, I have only in recent years began wondering what it'd be like to actually know Joe, to actually have a heart-to-heart relationship with the guy I get to call my Father. So,in 2019, I began a journey -a journey of searching for my Dad.


Searching for Joe is not only a film about a crazy American from Fort Lauderdale. It's a film about fatherhood, about grief, and about what it means to live a life that is impactful and meaningful... so, can I count you on this search?

James Hudson Taylor: Called by God
into the Heart of the Dragon

Director: Gary Wilkinson

James Hudson Taylor was one of the most influential missionaries of the nineteenth century. Founder of China Inland Mission, he spent a total of 51 years spreading the gospel in China. Taylor was unique in his time, he adopted the dress and customs of the Chinese people, showing great respect for their culture and his organization was strictly non-denominational. Generations of Christian evangelists have followed in his footsteps.Into the Heart of the Dragon is a striking docudrama that paints an intimate portrait of Taylor's life and legacy. We followed the legacy of Hudson Taylor down through the generations and interviewed his great-great grandson James Hudson Taylor IV who continues to work in missions with OMF in Taiwan today.

Zwingli's Legacy

Eutychus Production

Director: Richard Rabelbauer

A.D. 1519: When Huldrych Zwingli begins preaching as a priest in Zurich, the plague affects him. Looking death in the face, God's Word carries him through and he survives. Encouraged, he turns Zurich upside down withthe Bible in his hand. Zwingli’s Legacyis a fully by crowdfunding financed historical drama, produced to the 500-year anniversary of Zwingli’s reformation in Zurich.

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