The CEVMA Film Festival welcomes any Christian professional in visual media to compete in the categories of the Festival mentioned below. Student filmmakers are especially encouraged to apply.


The Film Festival is open to productions in the following categories:

  • Documentary/Docu-drama under € 25.000
  • Documentary/Docu-drama between € 25.000 and € 50.000
  • Documentary/Docu-drama over € 50.000
  • Drama under € 50.000
  • Drama over € 50.000
  • Children/Youth
  • Shorts (< 10 minutes, incl. Mobile Shorts, Trailers and Commercials)
  • Student’s Production or First Time Filmmaker

The total number of entries per organisation is limited to two productions per category with a maximum of five entries per organisation.

Deadline for entries

20 June 2021

Entry materials

  • Completed entry form (online)
  • Upload your entry to either YouTube or Vimeo as unlisted videos to maintain privacy and supply us with the url. Email your url to

Film Festival Entry Form

Before completing this form, please read the rules carefully. Use a separate form for each production entered for the competition. Please complete the form clearly. The information you give here will be used during the Festival.

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Production details





I have read the rules and agree to be bound by them.


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