The 16th CEVMA Film Festival will take place in September 2021 (Hotel Belmont, Ede, The Netherlands). The (biennial) Film Festival will be held alongside the annual CEVMA conference.

The CEVMA Film Festival is dedicated to encourage Christians in visual media to produce positive, powerful, inspiring and transforming stories in the form of films, documentaries, animations, clips, etc. It likes to recognize achievement and stimulate excellence in production and content of programmes that are created to reflect Christian values in this world.

The CEVMA Film Festival provides a platform for Christians to present their visual art, to network with others and to find distribution opportunities for their productions. The CEVMA Film Festival also wants to celebrate the calling in media, knowing that the power of storytelling can impact the lives of people and shape cultures. To ‘meet’ people in their own culture, CEVMA challenges students, writers, producers, actors, composers, directors and others to think outside the box and use visual media to spread the message of hope and forgiveness.

The CEVMA Film Festival started in 1990 with a small number of entries. Since then the Festival has shown and awarded a growing number of high quality products with a positive message, from all over Europe and other continents.

The CEVMA Film Festival welcomes any Christian professional in visual media to compete in one or more categories of the Festival. Student filmmakers are especially encouraged to apply. The 2020 CEVMA Film Festival will welcome any film, documentary, animation, clip etc. that has been produced after August 1st, 2018. Deadline for entries is 20 June 2021.

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