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The conference rates include board, food and conference. Price is per person in Euros.

Rates are per person and include conference participation plus four nights’ lodging with 3 meals per day. In the event a desired room category is already fully booked, we will inform you of the remaining options, with any residual financial settlement payable (or refundable) after your final selection.

There's a day rate of € 75 day per person (which covers conference attendance, lunch and dinner (but no boarding!) that applies to people who attend the conference for just one day or those who don't stay overnight at The Emmaus Centre.

All conference rates are payable in Euros only and should be paid in advance! If you have special requests or require disabled facilities, please let us know, so that we can make special arrangements.

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Day Rate (Day Guests only!)

Day rate: € 75 (including lunch and dinner but no boarding).
The day rate on Wednesday is € 30. This day rate only applies to attendees who don't spend the night at the Emmaus Centre.


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Use the following information to pay by bank transfer:
EKK, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Account number: 4 112 911 - Bank Code: 520 604 10
Account holder: ERF Deutschland e.V.
IBAN: DE48 5206 0410 0004 1129 11 - BIC: GENODEF1EK1.
IMPORTANT: Please put in the comment area ‘CEVMA Conference’ plus the names of attendees being paid for.

All registrations

Cancellation charges: Until 31 July 2019: 0%, From 1-14 August 2019: 10%, From 15-31 August 2019: 25%, From 1-3 September 2019: 40%, From 4 September 2019: 70%
Upon clicking ‘Submit’ below you will be led to a secure server to pay with Paypal or credit card (via Visa or MasterCard only).

Confirmation of registration will be sent only after receipt of full payment! Registration is only valid when it has been confirmed by CEVMA e-mail! Please keep in mind that numbers are limited. If you register late and we have run out of rooms, you’ll have to find lodging on your own and pay the conference ‘Day rate’. Costs for lodging other than at the conference hotel are not covered by the conference fee!

Please note that participation in all conference activities is at your own risk.


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