C.H. Spurgeon, the people’s preacher

It’s a story straight out of the 21st century. An innocent country lad from the fens, goes to London. He has the ‘X’ factor and quickly finds romance and becomes a celebrity. He earns the love and respect of a nation as one of its most influential figures. But he has strong principles which run against the culture of the times. In standing up for them he becomes isolated and ridiculed by the media – and broken hearted.

Who is he? A preacher! But not just any preacher. By the age of 20 he was preaching to 6.500 people every Sunday in London’s biggest church. He was the ‘People’s Preacher’ – the most famous preacher of the Victorian era. whose writings continue to be published and read today around the world. Charles Haddon Spurgeon is his name. The story of his brief life is nothing short of inspiring.

Winner in the category Documentary
Produced by CTA, United Kingdom


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