Robber of the cruel streets

George Muller (1805-1898) was a German playboy who found Christ and then gave his life to serve Christ unreservedly. His mission was to rescue orphans from the wretched street life that enslaved so many children in England during the time of Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist. Muller did rescue, care for, feed, and educate such children by the thousands (over 120,000). The costs were enormous for such a great work (in today’s money, over one hundred million pounds).

Yet, amazingly, he never asked anyone for money. Instead he prayed, and his children never missed a meal. Here is his life story and how he found God answered prayer and supplied their needs. It is a story that raises foundational questions regarding faith and finances. The work he began continues today. His message is still as powerful and as relevant now as it was two centuries ago: that God is real and can be trusted.

Winner in the category Documentary under 30 minutes
Produced by CTA, United Kingdom


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