The List

Georgetown, South Carolina, 1863. With news of the defeat at Gettysburg ringing in their ears, a group of wealthy Confederate landowners meet on a stormy night to form a secret blood covenant to protect their families’ fortunes. One man refuses to sign, uttering a dark prophecy against the dangers of greed and black magic. Ignoring the warning, the men pool their gold in a desperate attempt to smuggle their treasures to Europe.

140 years later, Renny Jacobson, a young Charlotte lawyer, is shaken by news of his father’s mysterious death. Although they were never close, the young man is stunned to discover that his father has left his substantial estate to charity, leaving his son with nothing but a reference to an obscure entity called “the Covenant List of South Carolina, Ltd.”

Mystified, Renny sets out on a quest to learn the truth about ‘The List.’ Along the way, he meets the lovely Jo Johnston, another descendent of a family bound to the secret society. Renny soon discovers that they are both inheritors of an ancient and sinister secret – as well as a vast fortune.

As he delves into his own shadowy past, Renny learns the hard way that tragedy follows those who bind themselves to The List. Having signed the covenant with his own blood, he is unprepared to fight the evil forces that now seek to devour everything – and anyone – Renny holds dear. As his world crumbles, he is joined in the spiritual battle by some unlikely and courageous heroes.

In an unexpected and thrilling climax, Renny finds that he must fulfil the prophecy spoken in 1863 and destroy the power of The List – or risk losing the true treasure that has changed his life.

Winner in the category Drama
Produced by Gary Wheeler, USA

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