The sky under the dust

The sky under the dust is a Christian movie from Italy about Christian teenagers witnessing to the four robbers holding them hostage. The sky under the dust is an excellent redemptive movie about faith and prayer for older teenagers and adults.

The movie opens with the song ‘Amazing Grace’ while a postman rides his bicycle through the countryside of Italy. A voice-over talks about running from God and from responsibility. Cut to a harsh, gritty bank robbery, with the four bandits eventually trying to hide in what they think is an empty school. Eleven Christian teenage Gospel singers are practicing for their evening performance. The gunmen, Alejandro, Giuseppe, Tina, and Paula intimidate and berate the Christians. Then, the gunmen capture a guard and beat and kick him.

The Christians contemplate escape but instead present the Gospel in word and deed. Selene, one of the Gospel singers, leads Paula to Christ. While Selene and Paula are in the bathroom, the guard got hold of a gun and shot Alejandro. Giuseppe is about to shoot the guard, but when Paula walks into the room, he shoots her by mistake. With her dying breath, she witnesses to her cousin Tina.

The sky under the dust at first appears to be a typical Italian crime movie. The characters are real and powerful. The lighting, direction and sound are terrific. As the movie develops, the witness of the Christian teenagers becomes stronger, empowered by faith and prayer. It is a very direct witness, but it’s done in such a dramatic format that it is not didactic nor is it boring, cloying or off-putting.

This movie has won several awards and deserves all of them. There is a bloody shooting in the movie and some violence, and two of the robbers snort cocaine. So, it is not a movie for young children. For teenagers and adults, however, it could help them know the truth that will set them free.

Winner in the category Documentary First Timers
Produced by Sabaoth Film


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