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Christian European
Visual Media Association

Crossing borders,
Connecting people,
Communicating the Good News

CEVMA  - a community of committed Christians in film, television, graphic arts, and new media from across Europe, sharing experiences and encouraging one another. Some involved in CEVMA work strictly in the secular world as writers, producers, directors, cameramen, web designers, composers, set designers, actors, photographers, scriptwriters, bloggers, distributors, while others are serving in the faith based field. CEVMA also welcomi students!

Founded in 1981 by Christian media professionals CEVMA has held annual conferences in a different European country each mid-September to exchange thoughts and ideas to sharpen the Christian vision for media. Although CEVMA is Europe-based, it welcomes people from all around at the online and in-person conferences and events.


If you’re a media professional, student, or otherwise interested in visual media, CEVMA 2023 is the place to be! Our conference will be held in The Netherlands from 13-17 September, so reserve the dates. More details will follow soon!



The 16th CEVMA Film Festival took place during our online conference (9-11 September 2021). The 2021 CEVMA Film Festival welcomed about 40 entries in 7 categories. We thank all who participated! You’ll find the winners of this year’s conference here.



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