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CEVMA Film Festival Jewel Awards proudly accepts entries on FilmFreeway. Entries for 2024 are CLOSED


2025 Entries will become active on 30 November, 2024

All entry fees and info are on our FilmFreeway Festival Page.

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   Award Categories


  • Documentary under €50 K 

  • Documentary over €50 K 

  • Drama over €50 K

  • Drama under €50 K

  • Shorts spots 

  • Youth/children

Winners 2023


Rebecca: Nigeria

Director: John Grooters / Grooters Productions

Youth / Children

Awesome Animals  Mini Me

Director: Joe Watson / Wonderborn TV

Documentary under €50,000

Love Works

Director: Dave Peters / Vision Video

Documentary over €50,000

The 7 Churches of Revelation

Director: Magnin Etienne / Millenium Productions

Drama under €50,000

Testament: The Parable Retood

Director: Paul Syrstad / Angel Studios

Drama over €50,000

Let Me Have My Son

Director: Cristobal Krusen / Messenger Films

Information for 2024 Jewel Awards

The Christian European Visual Media Association Jewel Awards takes place in September.

The CEVMA Jewel Awards is to encourage Christians in visual media to produce powerful, inspiring, and transforming stories in films, documentaries, animations, short clips, gaming and social media - both to recognize achievement and stimulate excellence in the production and content of programmes created to reflect Christian world values.

The CEVMA Network behind the Festival provides a platform for creators to present their visual art, network with others, and find distribution opportunities for their productions. Storytelling impacts lives and shapes cultures. To spend time with people from different places in the world challenges students, writers, producers, actors, composers, directors, and others to think creatively and use visual media to spread the messages of hope, redemption and forgiveness.​ Together we are better and can create stronger stories.

The CEVMA Film Festival welcomes any Christian involved in visual media to compete in one or more categories of the Festival. The 2024 CEVMA Film Festival will welcome any entry that has been produced after 1 August, 2023. The deadline for entries is 15 May 2024.

Rules & Regulations​

Films must be faith based or from a Christian world view. The entries will be submitted to a panel of several professionals chosen by the CEVMA Board. The panel decides the finalists in each category, and their decisions will be final. If not enough qualified films submit, by at least two different producers, in a particular category, the jury reserves the right to take this category out of the competition. Physical awards will be presented only to those who attend the event in person.

Those unable to attend will receive laurels for their project. 

The organisers promise to take every reasonable precaution in handling the entries. 
Additionally, participation in the Festival is deemed to relieve the organisers of all liability

regarding claims by third parties.

Competition entrants automatically allow usage of clips from their entries for promotional use on

the CEVMA website, CEVMA social media accounts. Fees for the festival are non-refundable.

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