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Wednesday, September 7th

  • 15:00    Registration

  • 17:00    Welcome, Drinks

  • 18:30    Dinner

  • 20:30   Opening Night - A sneak peek at the week and Exclusive Film Screening - Let Me Have My Son (Preview below)

  • 22:00   Late Night Hangout

Wednesday Exclusive Film Screening - Let Me Have My Son

Informed that his son has recovered from schizophrenia, a father travels to the state mental hospital to take him home, only to discover he's nowhere to be found.

CEVMA Conference

Conference Speakers

Roger Carswell Cevma pic.jpg

Roger Carswell - BIble Talks Conference Speaker

Roger is a travelling evangelist and author. He leads evangelistic church and university missions as well as speaking at Christian conferences. He has written a number of books including “And some evangelists” and “Where is God in a messed up world?”, and publishes numerous gospel tracts and booklets. He is married to Dot, has four children and lives in North Yorkshire..

Murdo Macleod 

Murdo grew up on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. He trained in film production at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and shortly after graduating started a production company called Trinity Digital. A Christian from a young age, Murdo founded Trinity Digital with the tagline 'Exploring Christianity through Film'. After his first feature - an award-winning documentary called "Knox" - Murdo produced and directed a number of shorter dramas and documentaries. He has over ten years international experience in the film and TV industries, working on titles including "Halo", "Silver Birches", "Dracula Untold", "Jessie and the Elf Boy," "The Alienist" and "Outlander". His latest project, "Morningstar", is a feature docudrama about medieval Bible translator John Wycliffe.