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2023 Jewel Awards

Drama over €50,000



Let Me Have My Son

Director: Cristobal Krusen

Informed that his son, Benny, has recovered from schizophrenia, Ben Whitmore Sr. travels to Middlemouth Security Hospital to bring Benny home, only to discover he's nowhere to be found.


Let Me Have My Son is a semi-autobiographical, emotion-laden tale of a father coming to grips with his son's devastating mental illness. 

Drama under €50,000



The Parables Retold

Director: Paul Syrstad 

Paul has been arrested, the Fisherman has been sighted, and the early church is being raided. Luke, Paul's traveling companion, hides out with the early disciples in the hopes of furthering his research into a report on Jesus. But Luke gets more than he bargained for when he begins to hear the great storyteller's own stories; the parables.


Whilst questioning the magnitude of what he is writing, Luke journeys throughout the city and meets some of the church's most prominent disciples as they try and find "The Fisherman" before the Temple Guard do.

Documentary/Docudrama over €50,000

7 Churches.jpg


7 Churches of Revelation

Director: Magnin Etienne 

In the 1st century A.D., Asia Minor experienced a strong ideological revolution. What would become one of the greatest world religions was challenging ancient pagan worship and the order established by almighty Rome and spreading like wildfire across the whole of the Roman Empire: Christianity was on the move. This is the hostile environment in which Saint John wrote his book of Revelation.


One of the most complex and most mysterious books of the Bible, the text addresses seven churches, located in what is now modern-day Turkey, who each received a personal letter. Who were these churches and what did they represent? What can they teach us about the history of our civilization? What do they have to say to Christians of today and those who live in the 1st century?

Documentary/Docudrama under €50,000

Love Works.jpg


Love Works: A Story of Healing and Hope

Director: Dave Peters

Chris Conlee was born into a family with two flawed and broken parents who only became more dysfunctional after the death of Chris's 18-year-old brother, Bubba. Faced with his father's explosive temper and impossible expectations that no one could ever meet, Chris would eventually walk away from a promising professional golf career to follow a calling to the ministry.


See how Jesus used Chris's difficult childhood to prepare and equip him for a life devoted to helping others overcome their traumatic pasts. Witness how God miraculously brought healing to the wounded relationship between Chris and his father - and how that healing is available to all.




Awesome Animals
and Mini Me

Director: Joe Watson

Discover more about YOU and the nature of God through His animal kingdom! Looking at a different animal per episode, come and explore how amazing it is, and what it can teach us about God and ourselves. 




Rebecca: Nigeria

Director: John Grooters

Rebecca: Nigeria tells the story of a Nigerian woman who watched helplessly with her daughter as Boko Haram militants killed her husband and son, and burned her home.


When she searched the charred remains of her home, she found the Bible that she and her husband had received on their wedding day. "I still use this Bible," Rebecca said. "It reminds me of God's faithfulness."

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