2020 – In partnership with CVLI

The next CEVMA Conference will be held from 10-12 September 2020. This year’s edition will be a virtual conference. Although the circumstances are different than other years, the conference is still the same invaluable opportunity for Christians in visual media to meet, network, share ideas, projects and challenges and get spiritually refreshed.

You will still need to register but thanks to the support of CVLI, with whom we are working in partnership, we are able to offer the conference free of charge this year, so spread the word!

The theme for CEVMA 2020 is ‘Don’t be silent’

We live in a time when every day there seems to be a different move afoot, protesters flock to the streets en mass and carry all along in their path.  This past year it’s been one after the other – LGBT, Me Too, Extinction Rebellion to say nothing of Brexit – and the media love it!  The whole world seems to get caught up in the flow, to swim against it is very uncool and to question or express a different point of view is scary.

We find ourselves living in a pluralistic society increasingly hostile to biblical faith.  There is enormous pressure on Christians today to be quiet about their faith – ‘you believe in God?  Fine, but keep it to yourself’!  I wonder how you feel, does it seem as though you are swimming against the flow?  Well it’s nothing new, throughout the scriptures we read of men of God who were called to engage and make a stand in their day.  In Acts we read this is how the Apostle Paul must have felt.   But one night the Lord spoke to him in a vision: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.  For I am with you..”

We also live in an era of uncertainty, of conflict and crisis.  The world is plunged into turmoil with the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.  But with uncertainty comes opportunity, people are asking questions, looking for answers.  We too need to be asking questions and giving answers.

This is our calling in Christian Visual Media, if we are to turn the tide we must not be silent.  Like the Apostle Paul we need not be afraid, for the Lord is with us.  But He has also given us each other to support, inform, equip and encourage, which is why CEVMA exists.  It’s a place where we can meet with others with the same vision and calling, receive support, network and partner – in preparation for all the Lord has for us in these days.

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